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Pedagogika Szkoły Wyższej
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Formal requirements

  1. An article is to be sent as a Word document with .doc extension to e-mail address:



    or by post, saved on a CD, to address:

    „Pedagogika Szkoły Wyższej”, Uniwersytet Szczeciński,
    ul. Ogińskiego 16/17, 71–431 Szczecin


  2. The text should be written in A4 format, with Times New Roman, size and style as follows:
    • the title – centred, font 14, bold;
    • the interties – centred, font size 12, bold (not numbered);
    • on the left side of the title: author’s name, affiliation – font 12;
    • the body text – font 12;
    • margins – 2.5 cm;
    • the spacing between characters – standard;
    • the spacing between the lines – 1.5;
    • the titles of works cited – italic;
    • the quotes – in brackets;
    • the separation of the text – bold (do not use underscore);
    • footnotes – at the bottom of each page, font size 10, line spacing 1.0, continuous numbering;
    • the note contains the first letter of the first name and full last name of the author/authors, title, publisher, place and year of publication and page number (all the data separated by commas, period at the end) serials titles in quotation marks, italics, references to previous notes: ibid, op. cit, idem;
    • • Bullets style should be unified throughout the text;
    • • the names of authors cited in the text – included in full form.


  3. Key words and abstract (about 5 sentences long) should be enclosed. Abstract (about 5 sentences long) in Polish and English, title in Polish and English (with the name of the translator) should be enclosed.
  4. Papers should be around 20 000 words in length.